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It’s important to have chemistry…

The German chemical and synthetic industry are both key industries for the country, placing it among the leading nations when it comes to those industries. New synthetic materials are invented on a regular basis, offering new application possibilities through their innovative characteristics and features. Many of them can be used as substitutes for metal, glass and other materials, they are parts, final products or packing materials, they’re produced through injection molding, extrusion or 3D printing, as 1 or 2K – and in each of those cases the respective production company is characterized by high-end engineering, excellent processing techniques and a high degree of automation. Whether you’re an international corporations or a mid-sized specialist business – the demand for material experts, product developers and automated production is here to stay.

Employer Branding

Finding employees – and keeping them

Around three quarters (72%) of chemical plants and companies are considering keeping senior employees past the usual retiring age as part of their workforce, and two thirds (67%) want to secure their specialists’ loyalty to counteract the lack of qualified specialists. These are the results of a survey among 100 German HR managers working for the industry. Suggestions to professionalize the recruiting process, increase further training programs and give the training a more practical orientation in general received an even higher percentage of approval.

How can the chemical industry tackle the problem of skills shortage?
Source: BWA Akademie – survey among 100 HR managers from chemical companies, 2015.

Bar diagram on actions to counter shortage of skilled staff.