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Global dynamics

With more than 1 million employees and yearly revenues of 218 billion Euro the engineering industry is the economic pillar in Germany. Because of its high quality products it has always been very successful but nowadays clients are less interested in finished products and more in individual solutions for their specific tasks. The industry is being influenced by huge trends such as Industry 4.0, robotics and smart data. Specialists are not only needed in production but also in the areas of research and development. Often there is the demand for the ability to integrate the client’s product into an already existing environment. At the moment solutions on a meta level are most sought after, for example concerning the development of high-performance processors, cutting down on production time, reconfigurable production systems or additive production. Big corporations and smaller, specialized businesses alike have realized that a company needs to be able to come up with innovative, flexible high tech solutions in order to beat the international competition. We want to assist you in filling your vacancies as part of this dynamic market.

Future trends

Catching up 4.0

The concept of Industry 4.0 connects technology, machines, product solutions and online-based business platforms with each other.
Although leading technology producers are recognizing both the necessity and the potential of Industry 4.0, by 2015 76.5% of German engineering businesses still had not taken any significant systematic steps towards implementing that. Prerequisites for successfully implementing it are affixing it to the corporate strategy, finding ways to ensure funding, and most of all recruiting employees – from areas such as software development, system integration, mechatronics, machine-to-machine or logistics automation – who consider cross-disciplinary solutions.

Source: Lichtblau, Karl; Stich, Volker et al.: Industrie 4.0-Readiness. Aachen, Köln, 2015.