Headhunting and vacancies

You have what others are looking for

You’re looking for new challenges, a new position, or would like to grow professionally at a company that shares your values? There are numerous renowned companies that trust us – and in some cases have done so for several years already – with filling important positions for them. Our vacancies range from specialist positions to ones in mid-tier management to highest executive positions – across all of Germany, and internationally. Your contact person is always a consultant with years of experience in headhunting and recruiting. Our consultants know the industry, they’re familiar with their client’s company’s profile and know exactly what they’re expecting from potential candidates. A good ‘cultural fit’ ensures a profitable long-term partnership between you and your future employer. We value what you value. SCHLAGHECK + RADTKE stand for professionalism, reliability and respect towards everyone involved in the recruiting process.

Coaching our candidates

Authenticity is what counts

Applicants and companies expect their consultant to prepare them well for the interviews.
Which is why we give our candidates thorough information about the company and make sure to explain in detail what will be expected from them and what tasks they will be facing. Your individual motivation for changing your current job situation is equally important to us and we will only present you with positions that match your expectations.
There are however limits to this kind of preparation – briefing our applicants too extensively would negatively influence our clients’ ability of comparing and evaluating candidates. Your individual personality and authenticity would be lost and replaced with a seemingly ideal but actually too well-rehearsed manner in the interview.
So preparing our candidates means for us to brief them concerning the process and those involved, potential companies’ expectations, and why your profile meets those expectations – or does not completely.

Sebastian Radtke, Managing Director of SCHLAGHECK + RADTKE
Confidently identifying
whom to target
Sebastian Radtke

“Because the first step for us is always developing a detailed definition of the job requirements I am able to clearly identify whom to target and contact from other companies.”