Management Diagnostics & Assessment

Our matching methods

When trying to find the perfect match for our clients we don’t just rely on our consultants’ ability to read and evaluate people. We employ hundreds of scientifically proven tools to evaluate a candidate’s qualifications and soft skills. Interviews, a background check on their commendations and an analysis of their track record completes the process. Based on their values, potential and unspoken expectations, the so-called ‘cultural fit’, we find out whether or not a candidate would fit in with a company. We use the following tools in our assessment and tests to analyze whether or not a candidate is a match:
  • Manager Klausur
  • Management Audit
  • HOGAN®

Management Diagnostics

Individual: Manager Appraisal

“Manager Klausur” is used to evaluate the individual characteristics of a person. Depending on the job requirements we use a combination of elements from different assessment centers. This way we are able to get a thorough look at a candidate’s personality and evaluate their potential from several different perspectives.

Our “Management Audit” aims to analyze and evaluate a candidate’s management skills, their potential and their ability to fit in with a management team. Based on those results our clients can then decide on measures like advanced training, promotions, restructuring, hiring etc.

Online Assessment


HOGAN® is a reliable online testing system created specifically with the candidate’s behavior on the job in mind. It analyses their behavior in day to day work situations as well as in management positions, how they handle stress, what motivates them and what their values are.

The applicants answer a set of questions online. The results help our consultants decide whether or not a candidate would be a good match for a company. The applicant receives the results and a feedback from the consultant too, of course.

Klaus Schlagheck, Managing Director of SCHLAGHECK + RADTKE
Klaus Schlagheck
Managing Director of SCHLAGHECK + RADTKE

“Experience and knowing how to read people are very important, but the evaluation of a potential candidate has to be rationally validatable – which we achieve through standardized testing.”

Oliver Brill, Managing Director of Jochen Brill Hallen- und Industriebau GmbH
based on mutual trust
Oliver Brill
General Manager, Jochen Brill Hallen- und Industriebau GmbH

“We have had a business relationship based on mutual trust with SCHLAGHECK + RADTKE for many years now. We especially appreciate the constant assistance and how they are always there to consult on individual challenges and problems, supporting us on the way to meeting our goals as a company.”