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Going the extra mile.

As founding member of the international network PRAXI ALLIANCE we take ‘going the extra mile for the client’ seriously. PRAXI ALLIANCE is a steadily expanding worldwide community of excellent executive search businesses. All members are known on their respective native markets as reliable, trustworthy and professional companies that always treat both clients and applicants fairly and with respect. By working so closely together with other high-performance companies all over the most important international markets we ensure meeting our clients’ increasing demand for international recruiting. We have fixed quality standards, keep the process fully transparent and never lose sight of potential cultural differences between nations, thus making sure we’re presenting our clients with perfectly matched candidates for their international vacancies. The client gets to decide whether they want to work together directly with one of our partners from the network or whether they prefer for us to handle the international recruiting project – with German business partners on both sides. Learn more about PRAXI ALLIANCE: PRAXI ALLIANCE

practical example

Intercultural cooperation

Here is an example for the cooperation with our network:

inquiry within the network
by our Swedish PRAXI ALLIANCE partner

engineering business from Scandinavia

vacant position
Country Manager/Managing Director Germany for the German affiliated company that is still being developed

management skills, leadership skills, customer acquisition

intercultural challenge
So-called projective testing procedures (for example the Rohrschach test) are relatively common in Scandinavia. German engineers on the other hand usually feel skeptical or even adverse towards this type of psychodiagnostic test.

With the help of our Scandinavian partners we tactfully prepare our shortlist candidates for this type of testing situation.

Our Scandinavian consultant partners had been working with the client for many years and were therefore aware of the potentially challenging aspects of their corporate culture. A close cooperation with them made it possible to find candidates that matched.
The position could be successfully filled with an experienced industry insider.
The German affiliated company is currently becoming a profitable part of the corporation and has great potential for future growth.

Our PRAXI ALLIANCE network enables international candidate searches.

Eric Tarchoune
Eric Tarchoune
Managing Director Dragonfly Group, China

"Over the years, we have cooperated on several projects between China and Germany and we are appreciating the professional qualities of SRO's management team and its consultants."

Fabio Sola
Fabio Sola
Network Director PRAXI, Italy

"SCHLAGHECK + RADTKE has vast experience recruiting some of the most difficult to find profiles, in the shortest time possible and with transparent pricing."