Competent partner for the automotive industry

The mobile revolution

The automotive industry is one of the fastest changing ones. Autonomous driving, electrification, lightweight design and construction, new mobility concepts are just a few of the current important key words. And with new products come new production techniques, automation techniques and innovative logistical concepts.
Most suppliers are therefore interested in equally innovative strategies to make their company future-proof. This in turn has an impact on the job requirements for experts and demands an increased competence of HRM. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry and our profound technological understanding ensures our ability to be your recruiting partner for almost any type of vacant position.

Social competence

Of soft skills and T-shaped skills

Apart from professional qualifications the industry has also been both requiring and promoting social competence from their specialists: so-called soft skills like intercultural competence and the ability to both lead and work in a team.
So-called T-shaped skills go one step further: employees are expected to think outside their own little technical box and consider factors like profitability, interculturality or the efficient use of resources when working on a project. These skills can be either covered by a single person or by a team of specialists.
These expectations are mirrored by recently created jobs: Boston University offers a program to become a Societal Engineer, for example. Specialists in that field are then employed by companies to connect the representatives of the different teams accordingly.
Scandinavia and Singapore are also already integrating these skills in their jobs, and even China is on the verge of broadening their engineering education characterized by strict, discipline-oriented thinking by moving into a direction of teaching an interdisciplinary and more team-oriented approach.

Teammitglieder analysieren eine Aufgabenstellung