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Aviation is among the most innovative forces and technology multipliers of our economy. Nearly every modern airplane uses some form of German technology and the knowledge of highly qualified German engineers in research, development and production. But there’s always room for more – with the right type of HR. We assist subcontractors and suppliers, carriers or MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) companies with their search for specialists and executive managers for the areas of development and production, operations and aviation traffic, MRO and for commercial and administrative positions. On top of that we offer recruiting for airport operators.

Distribution of locations

Focus on Germany

The aviation industry plays an important role for the German economy as is evident by its distribution across the country: aviation business sites and those of their suppliers can be found all over Germany.
Qualified specialists for aerospace technology, engineering, electrical engineering, IT engineering and logistics are especially popular on the job market. There’s also a growing demand for qualified employees from related fields such as acoustics, bionics or lightweight design and construction.

Main locations of the German supplying industry (shaded areas)
Source: BDI, BDL, BDLI (ed.): Die Zukunft der Luftfahrt gemeinsam gestalten, 2017.

Map showing Germany-wide distribution of the avionics and aeronautics industries.