Competent partner for your professional service business

Specialists for any eventuality

In a knowledge-based society, the demand for highly specialized services is constantly growing. Even companies that used to solely rely on their sales nowadays offer consulting and other assistance services. About three quarters of all Germans work in the service industry, generating 69% of the GDP. Accordingly, knowledge-based consulting~, service~, development~ and IT services create a variety of jobs. Specialists in those areas need to bring perfectly tailored skills to the table and always have to be on the lookout for new trends. We fill vacancies in our clients’ teams, especially for auditing services, accounting firms and law firms. All areas of the very diverse consulting service industry suffer from the lack of highly qualified specialists. That’s why we continuously keep in touch with our pool of specialists to interest them in our clients’ vacant positions.


Start-ups without borders

6 out of 10 (56%) German start-ups employ workers from other countries, and the bigger the company, the higher that number. This is the result of a survey conducted on behalf of Digitalverband Bitkom among around 150 start-ups. “The German start-up scene is internationally oriented and benefits from the fact that a lot of highly qualified and motivated people from all over the world are interested in living and working here”, says Bitkom’s general manager Niklas Veltkamp.
Source: Bitkom – press release, 08/2016.

Increase in turnover

Consulting booms

The consulting branch is growing, leading to an increased demand for legal experts and tax experts by legal firms, accounting firms and auditing firms: In 2016, Germany’s ten largest consulting firms (auditing, tax and management consultancy) together brought in a revenue of more than 6.9 billion Euro. All of them made more revenue than in 2015, ranging from a plus of 2.3% (Roever Broenner Susat Mazars) to 21.9% (Deloitte).
Many lawyers benefitted from the growing M&A-business in the fiscal year of 2016/17 as well: In spite of competition and the constant pressure to lower costs, 88 out of 100 law firms achieved an increase in revenue. All in all, the 11,586 lawyers of the law firms that make up the Top 100 generated 5.91 billion Euro.
Source: JUVE Steuermarkt, May 2017.