Professional Search

Specialists with a vision

The current lack of highly qualified employees and senior managers in many industries is without a doubt the biggest challenge for HRM everywhere. When recruiting candidates our main goal is always a long-term partnership – between you and your new employee as well as between you and us. We look back on many years of consulting. For us, a well-structured and validatable process is key to successfully fill any open positions. We know how to find and contact potential candidates. We search for applicants and single out which would best match our clients’ criteria using classic ads, social media and active sourcing. We aim to become a long-term strategic partner for you, someone to bounce ideas off of, someone who gives valuable insight and input. Building a long-term partnership to us also means offering clients our experience and knowledge of the market outside of current search projects.

Evaluation of the candidates

Skills are what matters

Documents, CVs and diplomas can be impressive, and applicants can present themselves in an equally impressive, eloquent and convincing manner. So how to tell strictly theoretical knowledge from real work experience? How to judge a candidate’s actual competence?

By putting them to the test. In cooperation with the company looking to hire we come up with an overview of precisely the type of tasks a potential employee could be facing in their new work environment, and define which skills and types of problem-solving approaches our clients expect them to provide.
In our first interview with the candidate we then present them with product samples, technical drawings or other work-related documents and have them discuss them with us or explain them.

A candidate explains a practical task to HR decision-makers.

A welcoming environment

A strong employer brand

The first step is to find a potential candidate. The next is to interest them in our client’s company – and keep that interest alive.
In order to achieve that we use a welcoming environment and a systematic employer branding.

There are several possibilities to make a candidate see your company as a strong, trustworthy and positive brand from the very beginning of the hiring process:

  • Offer your candidate a look around the company (including a look at their individual workspace and maybe even a short conversation in private with one of their potential future colleagues).
  • Make sure to explain to your executive manager that people have to feel welcome in order to fully live up to their potential and that during the job interview they have to win the candidate over on a personal level too.
  • If you’ve been advertising your company’s soft factor, have the candidate experience them. One example is a positive atmosphere at work – many companies claim to have it, but to convince the applicant they have to see it for themselves: Do employees usually stay with the company for a long time? Do people rarely call in sick? Are there company parties, do employees meet up outside of work, are management positions stable?
  • Acknowledging and openly discussing challenges the company might be facing creates an atmosphere of trust. After all, you’re expecting the same honesty from the candidate. Worst case scenario: the new employee realizes those challenges on their own after some time and loses trust in the relationship with their employer.
  • Involve the head of the company. A short conversation is all it takes to show the candidate that employees are taken seriously and that there is real interest on the company’s side.

A new employee starts their first day of work

Marius Felkau from SCHLAGHECK + RADTKE’s Munich office
Taking time
for the clients
Marius Felkau

“How I would sum up our job? Invest as much time as possible in understanding our clients' expectations and then realize those in a highly professional process based on method and structure.”

Markus Simon
Head of Management, VERSEIDAG-INDUTEX GmbH

“We have been working together with SCHLAGHECK + RADTKE since 2005 and are very satisfied with our partnership. The vast majority of specialists and senior managers we chose from the ones they presented us with is still with us to this day.”