Executive Search

Personality is key

The biggest challenge in recruiting is finding the perfect match for management positions. We look back on many years of experience in finding senior managers, discreetly contacting them and getting them interested in looking into a new executive position. We find our applicants through a systematically structured process that remains transparent for our clients at all times, enabling us to permanently monitor the quality and progress of our search. That’s what guarantees our success. We employ professional management diagnostics tools backing up our personal judgment and ensuring that we make the right call when it comes to choosing applicants. On top of that companies profit both from our general competence in recruiting and our specific know how concerning the individual challenges of each industry. Every client looking to fill vacant top management positions in their company will be appointed a personal and permanent contact person who understand exactly what the client is looking for and know how to spot the perfect candidate, contact them, evaluate them, and guide them through the process. Our consultants see themselves as external ambassadors of your business, well aware of the responsibility that comes with that role.

Our method

Full service for professionals

We handle the executive search for candidates for vacant management positions with competence.

Our method includes the following steps:

  • defining exactly what the vacant position entails
  • defining which individual search strategy will yield the best results
  • actual search: identifying and tactfully contacting top performers
  • getting to know the candidates on a more personal level through interviews
  • presenting candidates with a detailed portrait of the client’s company and the potential position there, working out factors to motivate the candidate to leave their current position
  • background checks of the candidate’s vita and their track record, discreet check-up on commendations
  • using specific tools for the matching process, management diagnostics and assessment
  • sitting in on negotiations and contract signing
  • onboarding
  • consulting for HR strategies and training programs for HRM


The Challenge of Big Data

HR has entered the age of digitization, both recruiters and applicants use digital personal files, social networks and cloud-based talent scouting and service management.

We use digital tools to expedite the process of finding candidates, and they benefit from a faster and easier application process. Digital tools make routine tasks easier, more objective and more standardized – a fact that HR personnel, consultants and senior managers looking for a change in employment all benefit from.

Social networks, online message boards, diagnostic tools and digital assessment offer improved research and contacting methods and the identification of potential matches. Especially at the beginning of their job search many candidates appreciate the anonymity provided by processes carried out online.

But more possibilities in the online world also lead to more complexity, meaning recruiters have to employ a high degree of professionalism. The seemingly endless supply of contacts and personal data available online makes collecting and evaluating those data and selecting only the relevant information – all while ensuring absolute data protection – more challenging. One example of how we handle that challenge is the efficient use of Boolean operators and semantic search algorithms.

Monitor mit binären Daten auf mehreren Ebenen.

Sebastian Radtke, Managing Director of SCHLAGHECK + RADTKE
contact person
Sebastian Radtke
Managing Director of SCHLAGHECK + RADTKE

“Every client and every applicant is appointed an individual contact person, providing a partnership built on trust and knowledge of each other.”

Ullrich Eggler, Human Resources Director Bader GmbH & Co. KG
Ullrich Eggler
Head of HR, Bader GmbH & Co. KG

“The candidates that we were presented with were great matches, both in terms of their professional competence and of how they fit in with our corporate culture The consultant really came up with a great choice. I appreciate the reliable, pragmatic and – most importantly successful – cooperation very much.”