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Building on the best of the best

New investment trends, sustainability, digitization, urbanization – the building industry is booming, has a high degree of innovation and great potential for growth. New business models of international building corporations and the increasing tendency of mid-sized businesses to include vertical integration and a larger variety of products have had a serious impact on the building sector, its ancillary trades and the construction material industry in Germany. At the same time it’s one of the industries that has been hit the hardest by the current lack of specialist, for example in the areas of technology and project management. That’s why it’s more important now than ever to find motivated and qualified employees before the competition does.

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PR is the future

The building industry offers a very attractive working environment – but the public doesn’t know about it.
In 2014, the SOKA-Bau provision fund and the F.A.Z. Institute commissioned a survey among employees of the German building industry and asked them what they liked best about their job.

The answers:

  • future-proofness
  • diversity and variety
  • client~ and team orientation
  • high degree of autonomy, achievement orientation

Aspects that were criticized were a lack of opportunities to advance one’s career and communication within the companies.

To be able to recruit even more efficiently in the future it’s necessary to change the industry’s image as a whole and those of individual corporations as well, preferably by including satisfied employees as company ambassadors.
Being viewed by the public in a positive light as a strong employer brand definitely helps recruiting new employees.

(Source: SOKA-Bau/F.A.Z.-Institut, Befragung von Baufachkräften und Ingenieuren, 2014.)